O level agriculture notes uganda

O level agriculture notes uganda is the word agriculture originated from two Latin words i.e;Ager which means soil Cultural which means tillage or cultivation.

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Agriculture is the practice of cultivating plants and livestock

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Importance of Agriculture to the economy and the Farmers 

Problem facing agriculture

Possible solutions

Factors that affect the distribution of crops

Land use in uganda 

Forms of land use in uganda

Farm layout

Factors affecting crop and livestock distribution

Pastrol Systems

Subsistance Farming

Commercial farming system

Plantational / Estaste Farming

Cropping systems


Climate and Elements of Weather

Soil Science

Organic Matter

Soil Classification

Soil properties

Soil PH

The soil profile

Soil Fertility and Productivity

Plant Nutrients 

Principles of cultivation

Minimum Tillage

Seed Selection and Dressing

Plant Propagation


Vegetative propagation



Crop Protection and weeds

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