O level history east africa notes uganda syllabus

O level history east africa notes uganda syllabus o level notes from s1- s2 notes to prepare you for UNEB. East african history note can also be download free pdf..

In this course we will provide you with all the notes and topics covered start from introduction of East African history to the preparetion of UNEB. more notes include Biology, Chemistry, Pyhsics etc for new curriculum

O level history east africa notes uganda syllabus.

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Introduction East African History


Portuguese Rule At The East African Coast (1500-1700 AD)

The Oman Arabs At The East African Coast (1700 – 1880 A.D)

Migrations And Settlement In East Africa (1000 – 1880 A.D)

The Rise Of The Interlacustrine Kingdoms

Buganda Kingdom

 Ankole kingdom

Karagwe Kingdom

  Pre – colonial societies in East African

The Iteso Society

  The Chagga

The galla

The Masai

The Acholi

Pre-Colonial Trade In The Interior East Africa

Slave Trade In East Africa

  European Activities In East Africa

The W’ngereza – W’fransa Wars

Traders And Chartered Companies In E.Africa

Scramble And Partition Of East Africa

  Effects Of The Partition Of E.Africa

Methods used by the british to establish their rule in uganda.

African Response To Colonial Rule

Case study of individual resistors

The Abushiri Uprising (1888 – 1890)

The Hehe Rebellion/Chief Mkwawa’s Resistance (1890 – 1898)

Rebellions in East Africa

Political Developments In East Africa

The Uganda Railway

Social developments in East Africa

World War 1(1914 – 1918)

  The Second World War (1939 – 1945)

  The Rise Of Nationalism In East Africa

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  1. Good notes but we also want more in various topics for example s.2 third term; The power struggles and so on in upper O level. Then also The pdf.

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