o level History of south Africa

o level History of south Africa (paper iv)

  • The Introduction to south African History covers the republic of South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and part of Angola.
  • However, reference is even made on part of central Africa and South Africa.
  • In South Africa, relief determined S much the settlement of people in the area.
  • On assertion to climate, land and soil, this was full of materials, like diamond and gold. 
  • That’s why people who started in South Africa were cultivators.
  • Inhabitants were pastorals who lived a semi nomadic life e.g. the Bantu who were later taken by the Europeans, occupied Transvaal and Orange Free states. 
  • It was as a result of conducive condition that big towns like Johannesburg grew up. 
  • South Africa has had three major races these are Africans, Europeans and Arabs (Asians).
  • The Europeans include French, Dutch, British and Portuguese.
  • The Asians mainly were found in natal since were brought in South Africa as workers in an attempt to construct roads, railway and to work in plantations.
  • The Africans were the Khoikhoi, san and Bantu.

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