What are abstract nouns

Abstract nouns are names of things which denote an idea of state. They cannot be seen, felt or touched. They can not also stand on their own. They are formed from other words like adjectives, verbs e.g. beautiful, ugly, poverty, patience, age, death, power, truth

Formation of abstract nouns from verbs

Verb Abstract nouns
Sit seat
Speak speech
Choose choice
Accuse accusation
Abolish abolition
Punish punishment
Pay payment

Formation of abstract nouns from adjectives and other nouns.

Adjectives Abstract nouns

Kind kindness
Lazy laziness
Poet poetry
King kingdom
Friend Friendship
Man manhood
Slave slavery
War warrior
Baker bakery
High height

Singulars and prurals of nouns

Formation of plurals by adding s, es, and ies.

Singular Plural

book books
key keys
city cities
church churches
negro Negroes
lady ladies
hero Heroes
photo photos
potato potatoes
mango mangoes
radio radios
piano pianos