Advantages /Aims /Reasons for Grafting

Advantages /Aims /Reasons for Grafting

Helps to propagate the clones which cannot be propagated by other means.

Helps to obtain new varieties or produce more than one type of fruits / trees.

Can be used to repair damaged trees E.g Bridge grafting.

It helps to produce plants that mature and produce fruits at an early stage i.e shorten maturity age.

It helps to test disease resistance in crops.

It facilitates  improvement  of  fruit  trees in terms  of quality and  quantity.

Helps to import disease resistance e.g by grafting the resistant crop with susceptitable   one to improve the susceptitable crop.

It enhances vigour of defective trees.

To develop branches that are lacking on the tree.


1.       Certain undesirable characteristics by the stock are transferred to the offspring.

2.       Requires skilled man power to carry out.

3.       Expensive especially in buying some materials that are required e.g the wax and    grafting tape.

4.       It is labour intensity i.e requires a lot of attention.

5.       Only plants of the same family are used.

6.       Absence of genetic variation.

7.       Encourages pre- mature aging of the plants.