“Agri” and “Culture”

“Agri” and “Culture”

The word agriculture originated from two Latin words i.e;

  • Ager which means soil, land or field;
  • Cultural which means tillage or cultivation.

The word agriculture means cultivating/ tilling or management of the field, soil and land.


Agriculture is the science and art of growing crops and rearing of animals for human benefit Agriculture is a science because;

  • Modern crop and animal production requires knowledge of other science subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Zoology, Botany, Pedology, Geography and Economic, Math.
  • It requires application of knowledge from experiments and observations.

Agriculture is an art because it involves adopting specific skills for doing certain activities like construction.


  • To stimulate an interest and create awareness of existing problems and opportunities in Agriculture and rural development.
  • To provide a background for advanced studies in agriculture in A-level,colleges and universities
  • To promote an appreciation of agriculture as an applied science.
  • To teach in a practical manner the basic principles and skills in agriculture.
  • To ensure that schools take up an active role in rural development by intergrating agricultural activities in the school curriculum
  • To demonstrate that farming is a respectable occupation that is both profitable and honorable.
  • To show how improved Agriculture will contribute towards worldwide freedom from famine. For more notes read more notes about commerce, entrepreneur Notes, biology