A simple Electric circuit. 

electric circut

Uses of parts of an electric circuit.
1. Switch: This breaks and completes the circuit at the users wish.
2. Battery/dry cells: These provide electric energy in the circuit.
3. Conducting wire: Transmits electric energy through the circuit.
4. Fuse: It breaks the circuit when there is too much current flowing.

   It is a thin wire(alloy) with a low melting point.
5. Bulb: It gives out light.

Symbols used in an electric circuit.


The conducting wire

electric wire

Uses of each component of a conducting wire
i. Earth (yellow or green): Minimizes excess current to preventus from electric shocks.
ii. Neutral (Blue/black):    Takes back current to the source.
iii. Live (Red/brown):        brings current from the source to the appliance.
iv. Insulation:                      prevent electric shocks.


  1.  How are the following important in a circuit?
  2. Switch
  3. Fuse
  4.  How is a fuse similar to a switch?
  5. How is a red wire useful in an electric circuit?
  6. Draw a diagram of a bulb.