Branches of Agriculture

Branches of Agriculture

  • Soil science (pedology); this deals with the study of soil, how it is formed, how it works to sustain life and how it is kept alive for many years.

Crop production / husbandry; this deals with the study of crops i.e. plant life cycles, their health conditions (diseases and pests); plant breeding and genetics.

Animal production / husbandry; this deals with the science of rearing animals of different types e.g. cattle, sheep, poultry, pigs etc.

Agricultural engineering and mechanization concerned with the study and use of different types of agricultural machines and tools used to simplify and make work more efficient on the form e.g. tractors, Ox ploughs, combine harvesters etc.

Agricultural Economies; Deals with the basic principles of economics such as accounting, record keeping, organization of farm activities, advertisement and marketing agricultural products.