Budding / Bud Grafting

  Budding / Bud Grafting

This is  a special form of  grafing  where a vegetative  bud  of one plant is  grafted  onto  another  plant (root stock). The bud is inserted into a slit made on the bark of the stock and held tight with a budding tape.

After the bud has started to grow, the part of the stock above the bud should be cut off.


Budding starts when the stocks are pencil thick.

Select the suitable tree species and get their buds and stocks.

Make a T- cut on the stock and the bark gently separated from the wood.

Insert the bud into the T- cut.

The bud is bound to the stock with poltythene papers or tape to prevent water entry.

Apply wax or Vaseline on the outside of the wrapping to reduce bacteria or fungal entry.

After 2 weeks remove the wrapping.

If  the bud is  green , then  the process is successful and  if  the bud  is  brown the  process is not  successful.

When  the  green  bud  produces  the  shoot, the end part of  the root stock (Stub)  is cut  off to reduce transpiration.

The budding are then transplanted to the field.