Chemical Battery

Chemical Battery
A Car battery is an example of chemical batteries.

It has the positive (+) {anode} and negative (-) terminals {cathode} called electrodes                                    

Chemical batteries convert chemical energy into electric energy.

Advantage of using a chemical battery.
i.It can be recharged and used again when it has run down.
Running water
It produces hydro electricity {H.E.P}.
For example electricity produced at Nalubale AND Bujagali Dams in Jinja.

The sun
The sun produces light which is converted into solar electricity using solar cells.
A number of solar cells put together form a solar battery.
Solar electricity is used for lighting and cooking.
Fossil Fuels.
Fossil fuels used in production of electricity are coal, petrol and diesel.
Coal / oil can be burnt to produce Thermal electricity.

Coal stores chemical energy.
Petrol and diesel are used to run fuel generators.


It is burnt to produce to produce nuclear energy.
Uranium stores chemical energy.
The wind turns windmills to produce electricity.


  1. Cite any three sources of electricity.
  2. How is the sun useful in the environment?
  3. How is wind able to produce electricity?
  4. Give one difference between wind and air
  5. State any one example of a fossil fuel.