Crop Pests

Crop Pests. Pests are living organisms that cause damage to crops.

Classification of pests.

According  to  plant  parts they  affect

Root pest’s e.g Rodents, nematodes, and termites.

Leaf  eaters e.g  locusts, grasshoppers, caterpillars, leaf miners,

Stem borer e.g Maize stalk borer.

Fruit  eaters e.g  birds  , bean   brunched

According to level of damage

Major pests

These cause a significant loss which guarantees control e.g those   that attack flowers and fruits i.e. vital organs.

Minor pests

These cause relatively less damage e.g those that attack branches which are less vital.

 Local pests

These are pests whose attack is not uniform.

Occasional pests

These  attack  in specific  seasons and their  attack  is very  serious  e.g  locusts. Grasshoppers.

According  to  mode  of  feeding  (mouth parts)

Piercing  and  sucling

These have  styles  / probesis  that  they  use  to   pierce  the  tissue  and  suck plant  sap e.g  aphids, cotton strainers.

Rasping  and  scratching

These scratch and suck e.g.  thrips

Biting  and  chewing

These have strong mandible for biting and chewing of plant parts.

 According to where  they  attack  crops

Field pests. Attack crops when they are still in the field e.g rats.

Storage  pests; attack   the  produce  in stores e.g  weevils, bean   bruchids

According to number of plants attacked

Polyphagus pests;These are pests that attack very many crops for survival e.g locusts,american bollwormetc

Monophagus pests;These pests feed on only one crop for survival e.g maize weavils,bananaweavil,cofee mealy bugsetc