1.     This is the method of making magnets using electricity.

2.     This type of magnet formed is known as an Electro Magnet.

3.     An electromagnet is a temporary magnet.

4.     Electrical method involves making a coil of insulated wires by winding them around a magnetic material. This coil is called a Solenoid.

5.     This coil of wires is connected to a strong source of electricity.

6.     The part of the iron bar that receives the positive electrons of current becomes the South pole and the next is the North pole.

electric magnet

7.     A piece of magnetic material will get magnetised when the circuit is completed.

8.       This magnet will lose its magnetism once the circuit is broken. Therefore an Electro magnet is a temporary magnet.

9.     Electro magnets are used when making electric bells, cranes that lift heavy magnetic materials, electric clocks and watches.


electric bell

Functions of parts of an electric bell

i) Switch

It breaks and completes the circuit.

ii) Batteries/Dry cells

It is a source of electric energy.

iii) Conductor

It carries electric current

iv. Soft iron bar.

It gets attracted to the electro magnet to move the hammer.

v) The hammer

Hits the gong

vi) The gong.

It produces sound when hit by the gong.

vii) The steel spring.

It helps to break the circle in order to demagnetize the Electro magnet.

How the electric bell works.

1.     When the switch is closed, current flows and the U shaped soft iron bar gets magnetised.

2.     The electro magnet pulls the soft iron bar.

3.     The hammer attached to the soft iron bar hits the gong which produces sound.

4.     When the soft iron bar is pulled away by the electro magnet, it pulls away the steel spring away from the contact screws and the circuit is broken.

5.     The electro magnet loses magnetism when the circuit breaks and the soft iron bar moves back again.

6.     the steel spring touches the contact and the process continues.