Factors that determine the spacing of crops   

Factors that determine the spacing of crops .Growth habit of the crop: Crops that spread widely require wider spacing than those with erect growth.

Planting method: close spacing is used in broadcasting and wider spacing in row planting.

Amount of moisture/ rainfall: close spacing is possible for areas with high moisture content and vice versa.

Level of fertility of the soil: close spacing is recommended for more fertile soils than less fertile soils.

Purpose for which the crop is grown: maize crop grown for silage making is closely spaced than that for grains.

Type of machinery to be used: wide spacing allows use of machines during weeding and spraying.

Life span of the crop: short term crops are closely spaced than long term crops.

Whether the crop is pure stand or intercropped (cropping system).

Disease control measures e.g.: close spacing in g. nuts for control of g. nut rosette disease.