Factors which affect agriculture

Factors which affect agriculture


The major elments here which affect agriculture are rainfall,temperature and humidity.Climate varies from place to place which varies crops grown in such areas


This refers to the height of the placeabove sea level.some crops do well above sea level/high altitude e.g arabicca coffee give best yield on high altitude while sorghum does well onlower altitude with high tempratures.


This refers to the nature of land surfce i.e flatness or steepness of an area,crops dont do well in hilly areas due to soil erosion.Animal grazing is not easy on steep slopes and this affect agriculture

 Edaphic factors(soil factors)

Growth of some crops and pastures for animals is greatly affected by the natural fertility of the soil.

 Pests and diseases

This affects the growth and distribution of some crops and animals e.g cassava mosaic greatly affects cassava growth,tsetse flies on the other hand affect the distribution of animals

Biotic factors

The relationship between interraction of plants and animals.Man and their activities can affect the distribution of crops and animals e.g In high populated areas,farmers tend to groew more food crops than cashcrops and rear a few animals due to lack of land

Religious beiefs E.g muslims dont rear pigs because the religion prohibits it,However they rear other animals like goats,cattle,sheep etc

Vegetation E.g areas with alot of vegetation can favour animal grazing