Forms of cultivation

Forms of cultivation

Agriculture; cultivation of crops and rearing of animals.

Forestry; both natural and planted forests.

Wildlife conservation; for national parks and game reserves e.g. Lake Mburo, Mt. Elgon, Kidepo valley etc.

Mining; Land is used to provide minerals e.g. Copper, oil, Gold, silver e.g. in Kilembe Copper mines.

Mortgage for loan; it is a security before getting money from a money lending institution e.g. banks.

Transport and communication; e.g. roads, railways, airports are constructed on land.

Recreation e.g. playgrounds, swimming pools, beaches etc.

Industrialization; for establishment of industries in industrial areas e.g. Namanve.

Fishing from lakes, rivers, streams.

Residential land for constructing houses estates.

Urban centres e.g. towns, cities, shops are built on land.