Importance of nitrogen to plants

Importance of nitrogen to plants

It is used in the formation of chlorophyll

It heps in cell division which brings about growth in plants

It is a constituent of protein formation in plants

It is necessary for quality of vgetative cropslike cabbages,amaranthus etc

It controlsthe availability and use of other nutrients by plants e.g phosphorous and potassium

It controls the/increases the succulence of fruits and quality needed e.g pineapples,water melons etc

It increases the size of grains among cereal crops like rice

Deficiency symptoms of Nitrogen

Chlorosis i.e leaves lose their green colour(chlorophyll) and become yellowish

Stunted growth(dwarfness) because of limited cell division

Restricted root growth and development

Pre-mature loss of leaves

pre-mature ripening of fruits/seeds or pods

Production of pigments other than chlorophyll e.g anthrocyanin in tomatoes

High susceptibility of crops to diseases hence leading to poor quality crops.