Importance of soil pH 

  Importance of soil pH 

It affects availability of soil nutrients. Some nutrients are available in very acidic or alkaline soils e.g P, Mn, Bo, Fe, Zn become less available at pH above 8.5.

It controls the presence of living organisms in the soil. Most living organisms do not prefer very high or very low pH conditions.

It influences the type of crop to be grown. E.g. tea does best in acidic soils while oats and vegetables prefer slightly alkaline soils, cotton grows best between pH 5 and 6.

It controls the prevalence of disease causing organisms e.g fungal diseases are common in acidic soils while bacterial diseases are common in alkaline conditions.

It influences the type of fertilizer to be applied e.g. sulphate of ammonia should not be applied to acidic soils because it increases acidity of the soil.