Importance’s of agriculture

Importance’s of agriculture

Source of food; Agriculture provided food to the farmer and his family e.g. meat, banana, maize which reduces malnutrition and improve health of farmer.

Source of income to the farmer. After the farmer selling crops, animals and their products, they earn money which is used to acquire other necessities of life.

Provision of market; Agriculture provides market for agricultural in put e.g. hoes, feeds, chemicals, fertilizer produced by various industries.

Source of raw materials for agro based industries that use agricultural products like tobacco, coffee, and sunflower, cocoa get their raw materials from agriculture.

Source of employment; about 80% of Ugandan are employed either directly or indirectly in agriculture as farmers, veterinary doctors, transporters, engineers etc.

Source of government revenue; through taxation and collection of market dues. This revenue is used to run other government sectors.

Source of fuel to the farm e.g. biogas, firewood and charcoal.

Agriculture is a source of power e.g. animals can be used to transport items and people, or can be used for ploughing e.g. camels, donkeys.

Provides medicine / herbs for treating sickness in both animals and human beings e.g. Black jack, moringa, Neem tree.

Cultural values or traditional values and ceremonies are done using animals like cows, goats, sheep and birds.

Influx development.