introduction to Components of a Computer.

Components of a Computer.

Input Devices: The devices that are used to enter data and instructions into the computer are called input devices or units. In old computers the punched card readers, paper tape readers were used as input devices. Now-a-days the most commonly used input devices are Keyboard and Mouse.

Output Devices: The computer processes the given input data and gives the output. The devices that are used to get output from a computer in readable from are called output devices. A number of output devices are available. Some commonly used output devices are video display units (VDU) and printers.

Central Processing Unit: Central Processing Unit is simply called as CPU. It is the main components of the computer and it is also called the Processor.

Types of Computers.

Analog Computers: The word “Analog” means continuously varying in quantity. The analog computers accept input data in continuous form and output is obtained in the form of graphs. It means that these computers accept input and give output in the form of analog signals. The output is measured on a scale. The voltage, current, sound, speed, temperature, pressure etc. values are examples of analog data. These values continuously increase and decrease. The analog computers are used to measure the continuous values. The thermometer is an example of analog device because it measures continuously the length of a mercury column.   

Digital Computers: The word “Digital” means discrete. It refers to binary system, which consists of only two digits, i.e. 0 and 1. Digital data consists of binary data represented by OFF (low) and ON (high) electrical pulses. These pulses are increased and decreased in discontinuous form rather than in continuous form. 

Hybrid Computers: The hybrid computers have best features of both analog and digital computers. These computers contain both the digital and analog components. In hybrid computers, the users can process both the continuous (analog) and discrete (digital) data. These are special purpose computers. These are very fast and accurate. These are used in scientific fields. In hospitals, these are used to watch patient’s health condition in ICU (Intensive Care Unit). These are also used in telemetry, spaceships, missiles etc.

Classification of Computers.     

Supercomputer is the most powerful and fastest, and also very expensive.

Mainframe computer are large-scale computers but supercomputers are larger than mainframe.

Mini computer are smaller in size, have lower processing speed and also have lower cost than mainframe

Microcomputers are known as personal computers or simply PCs.

What is Input and Output Devices?  

Input and output devices are the hardware components that allow the user to input data and instructions into the computer and to receive the processed data. The data and instructions are given to the computer through input device. The computer processes the data according to the given instructions and output is received onto the output device or it is stored permanently on the storage device.

What is Output and Output Devices?     

Output it’s the processed input data into a useful form while an output device is a hardware component used to get output from the computer

Difference between Analog and Digital Computers.

Analog accept input data in continuous form and output is measured on a scale while

Digital accept input data in Digital form and output is received in digital form. 

Analog it may have some errors in output while Digital output is accurate. 

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