Limitation of Church Marriage 

Limitation of Church Marriage

  • It is generally expensive since it involves buying very many costly items like food staffs, Paying church fee, cars, gowns etc.
  • It insists on permanence of the marriage relationship amidst very hard problems like barrenness and impotence in one of the members.
  • Many men don’t want it because it calls for equality between man and woman and yet them they feel that they are above the women.
  • Church weddings have turned out to be occasions of showing off one’s economic abilities which even scares off some people who want to wed.
  • Some people don’t want church marriage because it involves a lot of publicity yet for them they want privacy in their marriage.
  • This marriage is looked at as useless because it doesn’t consider the importance of children yet in Africa, children are very important.
  • Most men disperse church marriage because it calls for monogamy yet for them, they have extra desires for sex which can not be satisfied by only one woman.
  • Some people consider church marriage as a foreign form of marriage which should not be brought in Africa.
  • Some women after being wedded tend to be stubborn and disloyal to their husbands because they know that the husband can not get another woman.
  • Church marriage under minds African traditional cultural beliefs and practices especially those concerning marriage e.g. it doesn’t consider initiation rituals.
Why Modern Marriages Are Breaking  (Causes of Divorce)
  • Limited sex education provided by church leaders, uncles and aunts to the married couples has made couples to misbehave while in marriage hence divorce.
  • The small period of courtship where people date for like one month and then get married has also led to divorce because the couples cannot know themselves in a short period of time.
  • Bad peer groups influence in marriage affairs has also brought about divorce i.e. some divorced women tend to mis advise their friends in marriage to also divorce.
  • Increasing drug abuse and alcoholism especially among men make them beat their wives hence divorce.
  • The high cost of living today combined with high levels of poverty has also led to divorce because men cannot meet their responsibilities.
  • Collapsing African cultures today have made people not to value marriage hence breaking up very fast.
  • The women liberation movement has also made women to demand for their right and try to be equal to men which has made men tired of their wives hence divorce them.
  • Political instability/insecurity today has also separated married people leading to the final end of their marriage.
  • Permissiveness where people to day are free to do whatever they want has made married partners to do things that annoy their partners hence divorce.
  • Growing unfaithfulness/ adultery in marriage where women move out side marriage and have sex with other men has made their husbands annoyed hence divorce.
  • Lack of sex satisfactions on both sides makes marriage meaningless and useless hence divorce.
  • Decline in moral values in society to day has led to marriage breakages i.e. most woman lack discipline to the extent they cannot kneel for their husbands making marriage breaking up.
  • Unemployment which is so common to day has made wives tired of their husbands hence looking for other men who are loaded.
  • Too much individualism caused by too much work on both sides as many married people are tired of one another due to the limited time they give themselves hence divorce.
  • Barrenness and impotence on the side of men and other abnormalities have made married people divorce because of lack of children.
  • Diseases such as AIDS, cancer, Epilepsy have also made many married people to divorce fearing to be infected.

Christian Worship

In Christian terms, worship is understood as attending church service. It also refers to giving reverence, respect and love to God.

Characteristics of Christian Worship
  • In most churches worship is made on Sunday (Sabbath) though a few church worship on Saturday.
  • Sabbath is considered a holy day and during worship, Christians are expected to repent their sins.
  • Christian worship also involves celebration of sacraments especially baptism and Holy communion
  • Christian worship is led by special ordained religious leaders who may be a Priest, Reverend, and Bishop etc who directs the congregation.
  • It is taken as a social occasion where very many believers gather in worship centers to honor God.
  • It usually takes place in worship building called a church with a cross on top as a symbol of Christ’s death for our sins.
  • There is free maxingof men and women during worship which symbolize equality of all in Christ Jesus.
  • It involves prayer to God which prayers involves issues like thanks giving, asking for wisdom, protection etc.
  • During worship, there is giving of offertory inform of money to help in facilitating God’s work of spreading the gospel.
  • Worship involves serious music dance and drama as away of giving praise to God. This is done indifferent languages.
  • In some churches especially Pentecostal churches, worship involves performance of miracles like healing of the sick.
  • During worship, scriptures are read from both the old and New Testament and there is preaching or giving of sermonizes.
  • Worship today follows a uniform order like reading of scriptures, giving of sermonizes, giving of offertory etc.
  • Today’s worship is formal i.e. specific prayers and songs are written down and are read and sang during worship.
Importance Of Worship To Christians
  • It brings the worshipers close to their God.
  • It brings blessings to the worshipers from their God.
  • Christians are able to take part in sacraments of baptism and Holy Communion.
  • It strengthens the faith of worshiping Christians in Jesus Christ
  • Worship promotes moral up rightness among Christians who live as role models.
  • It promotes social interaction among Christians who go for worship hence bringing unity and love among themselves
  • Worship inspires the worshipers to repent, renew their lives and live holy lives.
  • Through worship, Christians express their gratitude to God in form of thanks giving, in form of tithe and offertory.
  • Worship nurtures children in the Christian way making them God fearing people.
  • It provides Christians with an opportunity to seek God’s mercy, providence, guidance and protection. Ø It creates equality of all worshipers in the image of God thus helping women to utilize their potential.
  • It provides for Christian marriage inform of weddings some things that brings happiness among Christians because of sex and child bearing involved.
  • Christians have received miracles e.g. some have been healed of the sicknesses by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Through worship Christians have been entertained and their minds have been relaxed.

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