Mechanics and properties of Matter

Mechanics and properties of Matter .1:1. MEASUREMENTS:

Physics is concerned with measurement of physical quantities and classifying them into groups according to their nature.

To measure is to find the value of a physical quantity using a scientific instrument with a standard scale.

Mechanics and properties of Matter

Physical Quantities

A physical quantity is a physical property that can accurately be measured.

Types of Physical Quantities

There are two types of Physical Quantities namely;

(i) Fundamental Quantities or Basic Quantities
(ii) Derived Quantities


These are quantities from which all other quantities are obtained. They are seven in total and these are:

image 91

Note: In mechanics, we use only three fundamental quantities; i.e length, mass and time.

1:1:1:1. LENGTH:

Length is the distance between any two points.

It can also be defined as the distance covered by matter. It is a measurement of the extent of something from end to end.

The S.I unit of length is a metre (m).
Other units of length include; Miles, kilometer, Hectometre, Decametre, Decimetre, Centimetre, etc.