Different methods of Grafting

Different methods of Grafting includes, Whip/ tongue  grafting

In this method, a straight slunting cut is made on both the Scion and root stock.

They are then joined together and wrapped with a grafting tape.

It is used for materials of the same diameters.

Wedge /cleft grafting

This is used when the stock diameter is bigger than that of the Scion.

The root stock is cut to form a V- shape and the scion to form a wedge shape. The   Scion is then inserted in the stock. Wax is put over the cut surface to prevent drying.

Side  Grafting

This is the grafting of a scion of a small diameter into an already growing tree. 

A cut  is made  into  the  stock at an angle  of  20o – 30o and the  scion is inserted to  ensure firm contact  between  the cambium of the stock  and the scion.

 Saddle Grafting

A Scion with a deep V – cut is fitted onto the stock.

Other types of grafting include:

Approach grafting

Notch grafting

Bridge grafting

Budding (bud grafting)