Monocropping / sole cropping

Monocropping / sole cropping

This is the growing of a single / individual crop in a pure stand in the field / garden e.g. maize alone.

NB:   Monoculture is the growing of one type of crop on the same piece of land season after season.

Advantages of mono cropping

Weeding is easy

Harvesting is easy

It is easy to estimate the yields.

It is easy to establish the correct plant population per unit area.

It is easy to mechanise the field.

Spraying against pests and diseases is easy.


Pests and diseases may spread very fast and destroy the whole crops.

Soil erosion is encouraged if the crop does not offer good soil cover

In widely spaced crops, the land is not fully utilized.

In case of crop failure or drop in the market, the farmers suffer loss of income.