problems faced by farmers

problems faced by farmers

Shortage of capital to fund the activities of Agriculture e.g. buying inputs like fertilizer, seeds etc.

Pest and diseases that attack both c.rops and animals; pests include maize stalk borers, termites; diseases like Nagana, anthrax, CMD, reduce yield.

Shortage of enough land for farming due to increasing population thus keeping agriculture at a subsistence level.

Poor market conditions due to lack of market information hence farmers are cheated by middlemen.

Poor animal breeds and crop varieties that give low levels of output / poor quality products.

Price change / unstable prices; this makes it hard for the farmers to plan for their incomes.

Poor storage facilities; most agricultural products are perishable e.g meat, milk, fruits and therefore get spoilt quickly.

Unpredictable climatic conditions i.e. prolonged drought and unreliable rainfall.

High costs of agricultural inputs.

Low level of technology in agricultural production.

Poor transport and communication network.

Shortage of labour especially the skilled man power. This is common in rural areas.

Shortage of farm inputs e.g. fertilizers, seeds, tools and machines.

Inadequate extension services.

Corruption / mismanagement of agricultural sector / funds by government officials.

Ignorance and illiteracy. The farmers lack knowledge in modern methods of farming.

Poor land tenure system / ownership that discourage long term investments on the land e.g. communal ownership.

Inadequate feeds / pastures and water for the animals.