Nursery bed

Nursery bed

A nursery bed is a small portion of land prepared for raising seedlings before transplanting them.

A seed bed on the other hand is a piece of land which has been prepared and is ready to receive the planting materials where they can grow up.

Note. A nursery bed is always one meter wide and of any length.

Importance of a nursery bed

  • Many seedlings can be prepared in a small area.
  • Makes it easy to carryout routine management practices
  • Provides the best conditions for growth i.e fine till
  • Small seeds can be planted to develop into strong seedlings that are easy to plant
  • Ensures transplanting of healthy and vigorous seedlings
  • Excess seedling may also provide a source of income for the farmer when sold.
  • It reduces time period of growing the seeds so marketing happens earlier at higher prices.

Factors to consider when selecting a site for a nursery bed

  • Water source:

Nearness to water sources makes watering easy.

  • Type of soil

The soil should be deep, fertile and well drained.

  • Topography

Gentle slopes are preferred to avoid erosion and flooding.

  • Security

The site should be well protected from wild animals, birds and thieves.

  • Sheltering / shelter

But the place of the site should be sheltered well with wind brakes in order to prevent the strong wind from causing damages to the seedling.  

Previous cropping

A nursery bed should not be made a site where the previous crop grown belonged to the same family.