Other Factors 

Other Factors

  • However to a small extent, there are other factors that have contributed to the rise of women independence movement as shown below;
  • The influence of eastern culture where women are seen playing an equal role to development just like Men.
  • The influence of formal education that has equipped great skills and talents to Women.
  • Influence of mass media that continue to expose women as potential contributors to development.
  • The presence of women role models such as Winnie Byanyima, Rebecca Kadaga in Uganda has inspired young girls to exploit their abilities.
  • Women groups and associations such as FIDA have helped many women realize their position in today’s challenging world.
  • Political will to uplift women to play equal role in society just like men. In Uganda, Women have been given political offices.
  • Presence of women rights have also contributed greatly to the rise of women independence movement today.

1. To what extent has Christianity contributed to the rise of Women independence movement today (25 marks?)


Two sided question. The large extent part needs ways in which Christianity has uplifted the status of Women.

The small extent side needs other factors that have led to Women independence.

Achievement of Women Emancipation Movement 
Positive achievements:
  • Women have acquired public employment and have a chance to earn a wage or salary. This has made them to become economically independent.
  • Women today enjoy all types of food including fish, eggs and chicken. These were denied before the emancipation.
  • Both men and women have a right over their children. The constitution emphasizes that a child must not leave the mother before its above 7 years.
  • Women have the freedom to own property. This property is sometimes worked for or inherited e.g. buildings, land, cars etc.
  • Religiously, women have enrolled in the church activities e.g. in the Anglican Church women are ordained as Reverends and the Catholic Church women are ordained as sisters.
  • In political arena women have scored highly as they have the right to vote, voted for and make important decision in the society.
  • Women today have the right to their marriage partners without the interference of the parents.
  • Girls like boys have equal access to education. It’s no wonder that girls’ schools have been established and these are both private and government. 
  • In the cultural settings, women have been appointed as cultural leaders like princess, queens among others.
  • Women now days have some sex rights for they can determine whether to engage in sex or not. In this way they are no longer regarded as sex objects.
  • Today women have a say on bride wealth. Sometimes they even contribute bride wealth or they determine what should be brought by the husband to be.
  • Women have successfully formed a recognized organizations to co-ordinate all women activities, e.g.
  • National Association of women Organization (NAWOU) which was founded on 29th January 1992.
  • Culturally there has been abolition of oppressive cultural practices e.g. the sabiny cultural female genital mutilation has been stopped.
  • Women have started income generating projects due to government financial support. Women have started up poultry, piggery in order to earn a living.
  • It has increased cases of domestic violence as the educated women and tnose in working class have failed to respect their husbands and in the end their husbands have beaten them up.
  • It has increased the rate of immorality in society as women have resorted to prostitution and others have resorted to cohabiting with young boys.
  • It has resulted into child neglect since women have to go and work very early in the morning and come back late in the evening when the children are sleep.
  • It has led to loss of cultures as women fight for equality with men in al aspects like women putting on trouser which culture does not accept.
  • It has increased cases of divorce in families as women no longer respect their husbands because of the assumed freedom women have today.
  • It has led husbands marry house girls as these girls do most of the work and wives are busy working to earn a living.
  • Women have resorted to taking their husband’s property using women emancipation eg many seek for divorce in order to share the property with their husbands.

Revision question:

  1. What does Christianity teach about the status of Women? (10 marks)
  2. Christianity teaches the following about the status of Women.
  • It teaches that male and female were created in the image of God.
  • It also teaches that Man and Woman were created to be companions and to complement each other.
  • Christianity strongly emphasizes the idea of equality between Man and Woman.
  • Jesus himself says that the kingdom of God belongs to all people including Women 
  • It teaches that God’s relationship is for all mankind hence including women.
  • Christianity further shows that Jesus called both men and Women to witness his religious works.
  • It teaches that women equally can bring about the good news to men e.g the Samaritan Woman.
  • St Paul in his letter to the Corinthians says that husbands must Love their wives. Therefore, Christianity calls upon husbands to Love their wives.
  • Christianity calls upon wives to fulfill their responsibility of submitting to their husbands. This is not a demotion but a responsibility.
  • As seen in peter’s first letter, Christianity calls upon husbands to have respect for their wives.
  • Christianity teaches that women are a weaker sex and so men should take good care of them.

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