PHOTOSYNTHESIS. is the process by which plants make their own foods

Photo means light
Synthesis means to make

Requirements for photosynthesis

  • Chlorophyll
  • Sunlight
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Water


Is the colored pigment in plants?

Functions of chlorophyll

Trap sunlight from the sun


Water is the raw materials absorbed by the plant root hairs during the process of osmosis

Functions of water

Water combines with carbon dioxide to make starch

Carbon dioxide

This is the raw material needed for photosynthesis to take place. This air passes through the stomata during the process of respiration, oxygen is used while carbon dioxide given off


sunlight provides energy for carrying the process of photosyehtesis

conditions necessary for photosynthesis

  • sunlight
  • Chlorophyll

Raw materials for photosynthesis

  • water
  • carbondioxide

Bi-Products of photosynthesis

  • oxygen
  • water vapor.

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How leaves are adapted to photosynthesis

Leaves have a broad flat shape making a large surface area to allow absorption of sunlight and carbodioxide

Leaves are thin to allow carbodioxide to reah the cells easily

Most stomata are on the lower side of the leaf for easy exchange of gases

The numerous network of veins supply the cells with water, mineral salts and remove the bi-product of photosysthesis

Leaves are arranged along the stem is a regular pattern to allow each leaf to get sunlight energy

Note: Plants cannot carry out photosynthesis at night due to absence of sunlight.Synthesis means to make

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