Plant propagation

Plant propagation refers to the way in which new plants are obtained.

There are two major Methods of plant propagation i.e;

  • Seed propagation (sexual method)
  • Vegetative propagation (A sexual method)

Sexual methods

This is the method of obtaining new plants using seeds.

The seeds to be used must be fertilized containing embryo, food reserves and protective cover (testa)

On order to use the seeds as a mean of propagation, the seeds must be selected such that only those which are viable (able to germinate) are used for propagation .

Seed selection

This is the process of choosing seeds to be used in planting.

The selected seeds should have desirable qualities i.e.

  • Free from pests and diseases
  • Free from mechanical damages because these reduce their viability.
  • Should have the correct moisture content.
  • Should be fertilized i.e. it must have gone through pollination process.
  • High germinability.
  • Should be of good size to have a good food reserve.
  • Should  be mature
  • Should  be clean  i.e free from contamination by weed, soil
  • Should have a long self life.
  • Should be of a desired genetic makeup i.e from high yielding, early maturing plant.
  • Should be plump i.e well filled and not wrinkled.
  • Should have a good vigour i.e should be able to germinate over a wide range of conditions.

Seed treating

Seed can be treated by


Seed dressing

Fumigations of seeds

Seed inoculation

Seed fumugation

This is the use of chemicals which produce gases that fill the room, cracks on the wall, sacks e.t.c to prevent the soil land storage pests that attack the seeds.

Seed innoculation

Seed inoculation is the treating of the legume seed with the correct strain of NfB.


Promote formation of root nodules.

Increase nitrogen fixation in the soil.

Economics the use of nitrogenous fertilizers.

Seed viability

This refers to the ability of a seed to germinate when planted.

The viability of the seeds is tested before seeds are planted to establish their percentage germinability.

Methods of seed viability

There are mainly 3 methods;

The germination test method

The lackon of technique

Using potassium Permanganate solution.