Problems faced by charted companies / traders in east africa.

Problems faced by charted companies

  • Tropical diseases e.g. malaria and Sleeping Sickness always claimed the lives of many traders making their work difficult.
  • Harsh Climatic conditions e.g. too much rain, sunshine while some areas were too dry e.g. Taru desert in Kenya.
  • Language barrier mainly because East Africa had main tribes which used different languages.
  • Poor transport and communication in East Africa also hindered the work of the traders.
  • Wild animals e.g. lions and leopards that were many at the time also made their work difficult.
  • Frequent rebellions also frustrated the traders making their work difficult e.g. IBEACO faced resistance from Bunyoro, Masai, and Baganda.
  • Geographical barriers e.g. Mountains, Lakes, Forests e.t.c made their movements very difficult.
  • Theft of their property by the porters and guides also affected the work of the traders in the interior.
  • Lack of funds i.e. the companies lacked a steady source of income to meet the costs of administration.
  • Some of the African chiefs were reluctant to trade with the companies and they imposed heavy taxes.
  • There was rivalry between the different companies of the Europeans e.g. IBEACO always rivaled GEACO.
  • Lack of man power i.e. the companies lacked effective and good administrators because the company officials were few.
  • The companies also lacked enough supplies e.g. food, drugs and clothes because it was difficult to get them from their home government.
  • The companies also lacked proper communication between their headquarters in Europe and their headquarters in East Africa.
  • The companies always faced strong opposition from the Swahili and Arab slave traders who were always armed with guns.
  • IBEACO involved itself in the politics /religious wars in Buganda and this strained the company’s budget because the wars were very expensive to fund.