Relevance/ Importance of Baptism to Christians to Day 

Relevance/ Importance of Baptism to Christians to Day

  • It gives an individual a sense of belongingness to the kingdom of God because a person accepts Jesus as the lord and messiah.
  • It also gives an individual a sense of belongingness to a given church where he is baptized from and he/she becomes a member of that church.
  • It identifies a person as a believer and follower of Christ thereby breaking one’s old life of paganism.
  • It helps a person to fulfill God’s command which Jesus gave to the disciples i.e. “go in the world and baptize people in the name of the father.”
  • It is a proof that a person believes and has faith in Christ and therefore or she has accepted to die and resurrect with Christ.
  • Baptism gives guidance and protection to the baptized Christians against all evils and satanic forces.
  • It makes a person to live an exemplary life i.e. a person lives like a Christ through being morally up right, obedient, humble, caring etc
  • It provides a chance to the baptized Christians to receive other sacraments the church such as Holy Communion and holy matrimony.
  • It provides a chance to the baptized Christians to receive the gift sprit and serve God better. I.e. the baptized Christian can speak in to perform miracles.
  • Baptism unites a person with Christ and fellow Christians hence unity with in the church.
  • Christian baptism also strengthens one’s faith in Christ hence him/her to start serving God through preaching the gospel.
  • It enables a person to acquire a Christian name like saint Elizabeth etc hence becoming identified as Christians.
  • It helps the baptized person to be washed or cleansed of sin of Adam and Eva hence purifying his/her life.
  • It gives hope of resurrecting/ life after death to the baptized of being dipped and removes from the water.
  • It enables the baptized person to receive a descent burial prayed for by religious leaders and members of the church.


Discuss the relevance (importance) of baptism as a Christian initiation rite.


  • It is also known as church marriage or ecclesial marriage or wedding
  • It is a form of marriage where an adult male and female make vows declaring themselves as husbands and wife.
Characteristics of Christian Marriage
  • It is done in the presence of the church minister who may be a priest, Bishop, Reverend etc who officiates the occasion
  • At least two witnesses must attend the function of the marriage.This can be the best man and the matron.
  • It is a legally accepted form of marriage in courts of law that recognizes the couple as husband and wife who are free to enjoy all state privileges.
  • It is a social function which is generally saluted or recognized by the general public and those who are married are given a lot of respect.
  • It has a lot of publicity and it’s usually witnessed by many people.
  • It emphasizes monogamy so as to show true love companionship and mutual respect for one another.
  • It usually comes after customary marriage after the parents of the bride have agreed.
  • This marriage can continue with or with out children. This is because Christians take children as a mere blessing from God.
  • It calls for equality between the husband and wife who under go counseling in order to treat each other with love and respect.
  • This marriage is supposed to be permanent and the couple swears to stay together until death.
  • It can take place with or with out paying bride price to the girl’s parents.
  • It is paid for in the church if it’s to be conducted by the church leader and the amount paid varies for church to church.
  • Christian marriage does not allow the divorced man and woman to remarry. This is adultery and Christians are called upon to reconcile with their partners.
  • This marriage also allows producing of children if God allows in order to subdual and fill the earth.
  • It is guided by mutual love and respect for one another i.e. husbands must love their wives and wives must respect their husbands
  • Christian marriage emphasizes forgiveness and reconciliation in case of misunder standing.
  • It emphasizes companionship between the man and the woman and it’s seen as a gift from God i.e. man and woman are free to enjoy sex in marriage.
  • It involves celebrations that congratulate the newly married couple for the achievement.
  • It calls for proper up bringing of children by both parents i.e. children must be brought up in the Christian life.
  • It involves exchange of marriage rings which signify endless love for one another.
  • It also involves of making marriage vows to each other where the two promise to stay together for ever.
Importance of Christian Marriage/ Wedding
  • It helps the man to express his inner passion for the woman i.e. it shows his love for the wife through wedding her.
  • Church marriage is also a fulfillment of the seven sacraments in Christianity
  • It shows respect of God and allows the couple to enjoy sex and produce children.
  • The couple is recognized as married since it’s accepted in the courts of law as the legal form of marriage.
  • It protects the couple against pagan cultural practices which are common in customary marriage e.g. having sex with the father in law as it used to be among the Bahima.
  • Once entered into, it ensures the couple of permanent marriage which is a big security especially to the woman.
  • It brings about public respect and recognition to the married family since marriage is a public affair.
  • It reduces inheritance conflicts in case the husband dies i.e. the wife authority takes over ownership of property of the dead husband.
  • It worns the general public not to interfere in the married life of the couple since they are husband and wife.
  • It brings psychological and emotional satisfaction of the woman since she is not assured of any other woman by the man.
  • It builds up a family on principles of the equality between the man and the woman hence bringing mutual consideration and respect.
  • This marriage can exist with or with out children because children are seen as a blessing from God.
  • It’s sometimes cheaper because bride price is not necessarily condition for the wedding.

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