Reproduction in humans.


Reproduction in humans.

  1. Reproduction is a process where living things increase in number. Humans undergo sexual reproduction.
  2. This involve the union of the  male and female reproductive cells.
  3. These cells are reproduced by the male and female reproductive  organs.

        The female reproductive organ.

        front view

reproductive system

        Functions of different parts.

  1. Vulva:

Receives and directs the penis in the vagina.

  • Vagina:

a) It receives semen.

b) Italso acts as a birth canal

  • Cervix:

This is a ring of muscle that closes the womb during pregnancy or when it is not ready to receive sperms.

  • Uterus:

a) This is where conception or pregnancy takes place.

b) It is where the foetus develops from.

  • Oviduct/ Fallopian tube:

This where fertilization takes place.

  • Ovary:
  • Produces ova (female reproductive cells).
  • Produces hormones like Oestrogen which controls the secondary characteristics

The male reproductive organ.

Diagram of the side view and front view of the male reproductive parts.

male reproductive system

Functions of different parts.

  1. Scrotum:
  2. Protects the testes.

It hangs outside to prevent the sperms from being destroyed by too much heat.

2.     Testes:

  1. Produce sperms (the male reproductive cells).
  2. Produce a hormone called testosterone which is responsible for secondary characteristics in boys.

3.     Epididymis:

                      A coiled tubes of about 6m long which stores already manufactured sperms.

4.     Sperm duct:

                      Conducts sperms from the epididymis to the urethra.

  • Seminal vesicle, cowpers and prostate glands:

      Produce seminal fluid in which sperms swim.

        A mixture of sperms and seminal fluid is called semen.

  • Urethra:

      Conducts semen into the vagina during copulation.

  • Erectile tissue: 

      When stimulated, the numerous blood vesels will be filled with blood making

      the penis large and stiff. 

8.     Penis:       Used for penetration and to deposit semen into the vagina.

  • Sheath/Fore skin:
  • Covers the most sensitive part of the penis called the glans.