Seed selection

Seed selection is the choosing of the best seeds to be planted so that they are able to grow into mature crops and give high yields.

The seeds should be dressed to prevent attack and damage by soil and storage pests.

Seed dressing means mixing the seeds with chemical and pesticides to prevent the pests from attacking them.

Use of correct planting depth

This ensures quick and uniform germination of seeds.

It also protects the seeds from drying due to too much heat.

It also prevents the birds and other animals from eating up or destroying the seeds.


Small seeds are planted in shallow holes to avoid exhaustion of food reserves before they germinate.

Seeds planted during dry weather are planted deeper than normal so thy can germinate only after rains have fallen.

Deep planting ensures good supply of moisture for germination than planting seeds near to the surface.

Planting depth is determined by the size of seeds and moisture ( i.e. planting depth = size of seeds * 3/4).