Provision of low interest loans or grants to the farmers to reduce the problem of shortage of capital.

Construction of valley dams to harvest water which can be used in irrigating crops and watering animals during prolonged dry seasons.

By encouraging co – operatives and collective ownership of machines to solve the problem of low technology.

Encouraging mass education to reduce ignorance and illiteracy among farmers.

Government should construct proper storage facilities e.g. silos to store excess produce in time of harvest and for during scarcity.

Developing an appropriate land tenure system to reduce on the problem of land shortage and poor tenure system.

Rehabilitation of the existing roads and railways to improve on transport.

Developing a proper pest and disease control programme in order to control pests and diseases.

Government should promote good governance to avoid political instabilities and insecurity.

Investing in agro – processing industries to improve on the value of agricultural products for sale.

Training more extension workers so that they can be employed even in rural areas to enable farmers to carryout appropriate farming methods / practices.

Encouraging more research to develop better crop varieties and good animal breeds.

Subsidizing on inputs like fertilizers, seeds etc.