The Christian religious faith

Christianity is a religious faith which believes in Jesus Christ the Lord, Messiah and savior of mankind.
Its first believes were mainly Jews who were particularly old east’s (sinner and the poor)
However with time Christianity started getting support from the rich powerful members of the society and it
become a dominant in the Roman Empire.
Today Christians are found in all corners of the world are divided into many sects I factions/ denominations ie
the Catholics, protestants, orthodox born again etc.


The basic Christian beliefs, teachings and practices are found in the Bible when some of them are shown below.

  1. Christianity is a religion based on 2 holy scriptures i.e. both in the Old Testament and New testament.
  2. It is the faith that believes in the holy trinity i.e. God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.
  3. Christian believes in respect 4 Sabbath by dedicating of worshiping the creator.
  4. Baptism is a respected ritual in Christianity. The baptized Christians become special members of Gods family when their sins are washed away.
  5. The religion has got other sacraments that the Christians do celebratee.g.Holy Communion and holymatrimony.
  6. In this religion, Christians approach God through worship which involves paying tithes when praying to God.
  7. Christians believe in Jesus as the best sacrifice that God offered to die for sins of mankind.
  8. Christianity calls for repentance from the sinners in order to renew their relation with God.
  9. Christianity believes in the Ten Commandments that God gave to Moses on behalf of mankind. Thesecommandments guided Christians on how to relate with God and fellow man.
  10. Fasting is another important practice of this religion. It is a way of seeking for God’s forgiveness for the sinscommitted and asking god for forgiveness and blessings.
  11. In this faith, there is a belief in miracle performance their power of Holy Spirit. This is because Christperformed a number of miracles during his ministry.
  12. In this religion respect is given to holy places this is making journeys to holy places e.g. Namugongo shrinein remembrance of Uganda martyrs.
  13. In this religion, emphasis is put on monogamy as the ideal type of marriage i.e. a man is expected to marryonly one wife and a woman one husband.
  14. In this religion special names are given to people e.g. Stephen, Ruth, Michael, Mary etc.
  15. Christianity calls for monotheism i.e. Christians are called to worship and believe in only God the creator.
  16. Christianity has special church leaders commonly known as catechist priests, reverends, bishop etc whocarry out church activities such as worship.
  17. In Christianity, faith in Christ is highly valued when Christians called upon to have faith in God in order tobe saved.
  18. In this faith, Christians take God to be very good, protector of man kind, omnipotent, Omni present andomniscient.
  19. Christians are called upon to respect work i.e. they should work alongside leisure because God also restedafter work.
  20. Christians believe in the concept of life after death i.e. they believe that sinners will go to hell where theywill suffer from while the righteous will go to heaven of place of enjoyment.
  21. Christians practice prayers and they pray to God through Jesus so as to help them in their problems.
  22. Christians have special celebrations such as Christmas and Easter where they celebrate the birth andresurrection of Jesus respectively.
  23. Christians believe in the judgment day. They believe that on that day the dead will be raised by Jesus andjudged together with the living.
  24. The Christian religion calls for high moral conduct among the followers i.e. Christians are called upon to berole models in the society through behaving well.
  25. In this region, emphasis is put on the golden role of love of God and love of fellow man.


  1. Discuss the major Christian teaching beliefs and practices
  2. Discuss the major features/characteristics of the Christian religions faith.

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