Types of plant leaves

  • There are two types of plant leaves which include;
  • Simple plant leaves
  • Compound leaves

Simple leaves

Simple leaf is a type of leaf with one leaflet on one stalk..

Examples of simple leaves include;

  • Simple serrated leaf eg. Tick berry ,black jack
  • Simple palmate leaf. eg pawpaw, Cassava.
  • Simple divided entire leaf
  • Simple lobed leaf
  • Simple entire leaf.

Dawn structure showing different examples of simple leaves


Compound leaves

These are leaves with many leaflets on one leaf stalk.

  • Compound leaves are characterized with a divided lamina
  • Compound leaves have more than one leaf-let on one leaf blade or stalk.
  • A compound leaf has completely separate portions called leaflets 
  • Each leaflet has a small stalk which is attached to a common leaf stalk.

Examples of compound leaves;

  • Compound trifoliate e.g. Beans leaves
  • Compound pinnate e.g. Jacaranda leaves/ mimosa plant
  • Compound digitate leaf e.g. Silk cotton leaves
  • Compound pinnate e.g. acacia leaves /eucalyptus

Drawn structures showing examples of compound leaves

compund leaves

Uses of leaves to people and animals

  • Some leaves are eaten as food
  • Some leaves are used as herbal medicine
  • Dry leaves can be used for mulching
  • Leaves are used for decoration.

Uses of leaves to plants.

  • Leaves make food (starch) for the plant.
  • Leaves allow the plants to breathe through the stomata.
  • Leaves carry out transpiration.
  • Some leaves store food and water for the plants. Eg onions.
  • Some leaves are used for probations.