Types of electricity. 

There are two main types of electricity;
1. Current electricity                                                                                            

  1. Static electricity.

Current electricity
This is the electricity where there is flows of electrons.
The diagram showing the flow of current/ electricity/ electric current.

electric current

The diagram showing the flow of electrons

flow of electron

Types of current electricity.

  1. Direct current (DC) – The current flows in one direction. I e from the source to the appliance. Sources: chemical batteries and dry cells.

2.Alternating Current (AC) – current flows in two directions. I e from the source to the appliance and the back.E.g. that one produced at Nalubale dam in Jinja, generator

Forms of electricity.

  1. Hydro electricity; produced from water turning turbines at a dam.
  2. Thermal electricity; Produced from fossil fuels.
  3.  Solar electricity; Produced from the sun.
  4. Nuclear electricity; Produced from nuclear power stations.
  5. Geo thermal electricity; Produced from hot rock in the earth.


  1. Write down the types of electricity
  2. State any two forms of electricity
  3. Draw a diagram to show flow of electricity
  4. What type of electricity is commonly used by most urban areas in Uganda?
  5. Briefly explain the term alternating current.