Wading birds;

 Wading birds are birds that walk through water or wade mainly to find their food.

Wading birds have the following characteristics.

  1. Have long beaks for easy hunting of small fish, frogs and worms from water for food.

Examples of wading birds.

Ibis, heron, eaglet, crested crane, flamingo birds, storks.

  • Have long thin legs with half webbed toes widely spread out to prevent them from sinking in water.

An illustration showing a beak and a foot of wading bird.

warning bird

A beak for a wading bird is long and strong.     Half–webbed toes to prevent sinking in                                                                          water.

Flightless birds.

 These are birds which cannot fly but run very fast.

 Their bodies are heavier compared to the wings hence unable to fly.

 They have a lot of bone marrow hence heavier to fly in air with their weaker and smaller wings.

Examples of flightless birds includes;

Ostrich, kiwi, emu, penguin, cassowary

Note: ostriches are commonly kept in the zoo and their eggs are edible.

A structure showing an ostrich.

w b

Weak and small wings compared to the body size.

Learners’ Activity     

  1. In one sentence state the meaning of the following terms:
    1. Wading birds  ii) Flightless birds 
  2. Give two examples of;
    1. Wading birds  ii) Flightless birds 
  3. Name the flightless bird commonly kept in the zoo.