Ways through which nutrients are lost from the soil

Ways through which nutrients are lost from the soil

Through the removal of crop residues especially during harvesting e.g beans harvest

Through soil erosion where topsoils with much nutrients are washed away

Through Denitrification process where by nitrogen in the soil is converted into gaseous form and taken back to the atmosphere.

Through leaching i.e downward movement of nutrients to layers where plant roots can not easily reach.

Excessive drainage of land causing nutrient loss in solution

Through burning of vegetative materials that cause loss of nitrogen from the soil

Excessive irrigation leading to leaching of nutrients

Through immobilization i.e build up of nitrogen into microbial tisues during decomposition rendering it unavailable for plant use.

major plant nutrients

Carbon,ydrogen and oxygen

Carbon and oxygen are derived from air through photosynthesis,Hydrogen is got from soil water.


They help in the frmation of cellwalls of plants

They enable plants to carryout photosynthesis being raw materials

Deficiency symptoms

Yellow colour between the veins of the leaves

Wilting,drying and finally death of the plant


This is the most important plant nutrient in the soil needed for crops growth and development

Sources of nitrogen in the soil

Nitrogenous artificial fertilizers e.g urea,CAN etc

Application of organic manure/matter

From atmospheric by rhizobia bacteria and free living bacteria(azotobacter)

Through lightening

Ammonification i.e conversion of amino acids into ammonia

Absorption of nitrogen in the soil

It is absorbed by plants in form of Nitrates(NO3) and ammonium ions(NH4+)