What is Heterotrophic nutrition

  What is Heterotrophic nutrition

This is the type of nutrition in which organisms take in ready made organic food substances made by autotrophs (producers).

Types of heterotrophic nutrition

  • Holozoic nutrition
  • Saprotrophic nutrition (Saprophyticnutrition)
  • Symbiosis:(i)Parasitism (ii) Mutualism (iii)Commensalism


This is the type of nutrition in which complex organic food is taken in and broken down inside the body of an organism into simple soluble molecules which are then absorbed and assimilated.

Basic processes involved in holozoic a nutrition

  1. Obtaining food: May involve movements to capture or find new food sources from the environment.
  2. Ingestion: The intake of food into the body (feeding mechanisms).
  3. Digestion: Chemical breakdown (byenzymes) and physical breakdown (by teeth, gizzard, mandibles, radula) of large insoluble molecule so food into small soluble molecules.
  4. Absorption: The uptake of nutrient molecules into the cells of the digestive tract and, from there, into the bloodstream
  5. . Defecation (Egestion): elimination of undigested residue.

6. Assimilation: The utilization of the absorbed soluble food substances to form energy or materials which are incorporated into the body tissues. For more notes read more notes about commerce, entrepreneur Notes, biology

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