Wild life conservation and Tourism

Wild life conservation and Tourism

Wild life conservation and Tourism. Wild life refers to undomesticated flora (plants) and fauna (animals) found in their natural habitats.
East Africa major tourist attraction is the wild life (animals and plants in the natural habitats).

The following factors have led to decline of wild life in East Africa.

1 Poaching
2 Increase in population
3 Political instability
4 Completion from other land uses like Agriculture.
5 Traditional hunters.
6 Pest and diseases.

The conservation of wild life, in East Africa can be done through the following ways.
1 Establishing of national parks, games reserves and sanctuaries.
2 Banning trade in wild games products
3 Leasing of wild game hunting
4 Education of the masses on importance of wild life.
5 Training and deploying game, rangers to protect the protect the gazetted areas
6 Forming anti-poaching units

The protected wild life areas or conservation areas in east Africa include the following:
1 National parks.
These are large tracts of land in their natural states set by act of parliament to protect the natural and smoke lecture for public benefit
2 Game Reserves
These are gazette areas by the law of the state where wild life is set a side for
further use or development
(iii) Sanctuary
These are areas gazette by the state to preserve wild life which are rare and nearly extinction e.g Ngamba Island Sanctuary (Chimpanzees) Bwindi Impenetrable (Gorillas) lake Nakuni

This where various animals and birds are raged or fenced and provided with similar conditions existing in the natural habitats for public viewing or research.

Controlled Hunting area
This is an area where hunting of certain animals is limited and accepted and thus reducing on the number of animals known as cropping.

Reasons for promoting Wildlife conservation

To conserve nature (flora and fauna)

To promote tourism in East Africa

To provide animal products like meat, ivory, hides and skins e.t.c

To provide employment to the game rangers or guides etc

To recreation purpose i.e. Hunting and game cropping

To prevent extinction of some animal species

They are sources of revenue and a foreign exchange.

Problems affecting the conservation of wild life in East Africa

Poaching of wild game for their products like skins, born, tusks, hides

Wild fires set by holiday makes, poachers smokers

Population pressure, which has led to encroachment of national parks and other gazetted area.

Drought leading to shortage of water and pastures for the animals and other gazelled area

Political instability leading to depletion of wild life.

Limited skilled personnel

Pollution of the environment. Steps taken to solve the above problems

Controlling population thought family planning methods.

Educating the masses about the importance at wild life.

Eviction of encroaches.

Establishment of animal orphanages e.g. Ngamba Island sanctuary.

Training and equipping game rangers

A forestation and re-a forestation programme.

Tourism is a practice of traveling for purposes of leisure or relaxation, curiosity and or study.

Tourism may be domestic or international.

Tourism therefore is an invisible export, a major source of four reigns exchange in East Africa.
Note: The development of tourism is based on the off

Landscape/ Relief

Drainage features

Wildlife (animals and vegetation)


Historical sites like Kasubitombs fort Jesus.

Culture. Conditions or factors favoring the development of Tourism in East Africa physical factors.

Presence of variety of wild life in East Africa inform of wild animals like Elephants, Snakes, Lions, Baboons e.t.c and vegetation like Equatorial rain forests, Savannah e.t.c attract tourists for viewing photography.

Presence of conducive climate that promotes swimming, heating sun bathing etc these attracted people from the temperate countries.

Presence of beautiful scenery inform of volcanic mountains Block Mountains, rift valley, plateau attracting tourist for viewing Research, photography.

East Africa has a variety of drainage features in form of lakes, rivers, beaches e.t.c these attract tourists for raffling, beating, swimming, sun bathing, fish sport e.t.c

Strategic location of East Africa at the coast making it accessible to international markets.
QN Mention any 3 tourist attractions found in East Africa other than plants and animals Mountains

  • Rivers and Lakes
    Rift Valley
    Historical Sites
    Human Factors.

Presence of improved accommodation facilities in the major cities and towns, game parks and game reserves e.g. hotels, holiday’s apartments, motels, Inns e.t.c

The hospitality exhibited by the people of East Africa that dates back the colonial times. The hospitality is being shown in hotels, banks, and airports.

Political stability which favours the development of the tourism industry.

Availability of adequate capital to invest in tourism related facilities. Like hotels, roads, lodges etc

Capital is provided by the government and investors

Presence of large supply of skilled man power inform of waiters, tour guides hotelians, accountants.

Increased and improved advertisements both at home and abroad through the media like T.VS newspapers magazine.

Presence of reliable and adequate transport inform at road, sir facilitating the movement of tourists to areas of their interest.

Favorable government policies on tourism e.g. protection of the wild life. Attracting foreign investors in the industry maintaining political instability.

Development of tour packages. They organize accommodation facilities, transport, and meals, tour guides.

Presence of a variety of cultural attractions e.g. dancing dressing food,marriage ceremonies.

Availability of a variety of historical sites e.g. fort Jesus Nyero paintings, Gedi rains tort Jesus Kasubi/ Karambita.


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