PLE 2010 SST past paper with answers

PLE 2010 SST past paper with answers

It consists of Questions and Answer in the objective form.

Select the most correct answer or answer depending on the question.

1. Name one of the human basic needs.

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2. Which types of climate covers a greater part of Africa

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3. What can help a map-reader to know the meaning of symbols on a map?

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4. What was the title given to the leader to government in Uganda after independence between 1962 and 1966?

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5. Give one example of a crater lake in Uganda.

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6. Name one tribe in Uganda that belongs to the Nilo-Hamates.

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7. In which country in east Africa were the Akidas and Jumbe used by colonialists to rule?

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8. State any one way in which the partition of East Africa affected some tribe.

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9. State one reason why some people cannot have proper health services in your community.

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10. Give one way in which communication has become easy in Uganda.

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11. State the use of a wind-sock at a weather station.

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12. Which ministry is responsible for major roads in Uganda?

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13. What kind of vegetation mostly provides food for mountain gorillas?

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14. How were the British colonialists able to communicate with the local people?

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15. Why was the Berlin conference important to the European countries?

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16. Apart from the Judiciary and the Executive. Name one other arm of government.

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17. Give any one way in which a time table puts order in a class

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18. Where is snow found in East Africa.

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19. Mention any one way in which stories of origin of tribe are important to the people of Uganda

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20. State any one problem an area would face if it received no rain throughout the year.

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21. Give any one source of power used in copper smelting in Zambia

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22. Apart from being the first president of Kenya, give any one other reason why Jomo Kenyatta is remembered in the history of Kenya.

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23. Give one way in which one becomes a citizen of Uganda.

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24. What shows that Uganda was once colonized by the British

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25. Mention one benefit of having a midwife in the community.

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26. How commercial banks do helps people to develop?

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27. Why is strip cropping practiced in area which are hilly?

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28. Give any one reason why there was a mutiny of Sudanese soldiers in Uganda.

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29. What is an Oasis?

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30. What is the greatest cause of environmental degradation in most parts Africa?

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31. When does a bill become law in Uganda?

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32. State one reason why there is title trade among the East Africa countries.

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33. Why did the people of Kenya support the Mau-Mai rebellion?

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34. Give the main occupation of people who live dry areas of East Africa.

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35. Why is the year 1894 important in the history of Uganda?

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36. Give reason why Christians kneel during prayers?

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37. Give one way in which Christian can show love to the people they live with.

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38. Apart from repentance, give the thing Christians can do to renew their faith in God

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39. Why did Adam and Eva fail to live in peace forever?

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40. State any two reasons for keeping domestic animals.

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41. Give any two reasons why some homes do not keep domestic animals.

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42. Into which Sea does River Nile flow?

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43. State any two advantages of River Nile to the people who live along it

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44. Give any one problem that people who live along River Nile experience

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45. Write down any two causes of famine in Africa.

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46. State two ways in which illiteracy may lead to poor farming practice.

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47. Why was Kabaka Mwanga afraid for foreigner coming to Buganda through the East?

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48. State any one way in which the imperial British East Africa company (IBEACO) helped missionaries to work in Uganda.

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49. Give any three ways the missionaries helped in the development of Uganda.

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50. Apart from Uganda and Kenya, mention two other countries which are member of the East African community.

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51. Give anyone reason why Uganda should live peacefully with her neighboring countries.

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52. What kind of goods are usually transported by ship?

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53. Why are flowers transported from Uganda to Europe by air.

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54. Give two disadvantages of air transport.

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55. Write down two advantages of a large population in an area.

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56. State two problem a used by a big increase of population in an area.

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57. What is solar energy?

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58. What is Hydroelectric power?

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59. Give two reasons why people in rural areas do not use electricity.

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60. Name any two natural resources found I the Democratic Republic of Congo

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61. Give two reasons why the Democratic republic of Congo has not been able to use natural resources full.

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62. Give two reasons why Robusta coffee is grown more than Arabic coffee in Africa.

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63. Mention three problems that coffee farmer face.

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64. Name the water passage marked XCapture

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65. Mention two economic activity carried out in the area marked Y

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66. Why is the region marked CCC sparsely populated?

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67. How were the mountain ranges marked L formed.

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68. Give any two economic advantages of the growth of industries in country.

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69. State any three reasons why it is necessary to build industries in rural areas.

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70. Who committed the original sin?

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71. Why is it called the original sin?

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72. State any two ways through which man is punished for the original sin.

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73. Why did God give Moses the Ten Commandments?

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74. How does keeping the Ten Commandments help Christian?

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75. Give two way in which a constitution is similar to the Ten Commandments.

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76. What happened when Jesus was baptized in River Jordan?

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77. Why did Jesus accept to be baptized and yet He was the son of God?

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78. Give any one reason why water is used in baptism.

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79. What happened to a person when he or she is baptized?  (Three answer required)

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